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Winterizing Your Lawn in Georgia

Winter is upon us. That means it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your lawn if you live in Georgia. As the year ends and we happen upon the last days before Christmas, do not forget to give an extra gift to your lawn. In a sense, your lawn is sleeping and dormant. But it needs your care more than ever.

The simple things like keeping your grass watered, keeping it clean, and being watchful for signs of lawn disease are a few of the small ways you can better be prepared for the cold season. Winterizing your lawn prepares it for cold weather and ensures that come spring your lawn will be able to return to its natural healthy state. While you may look to professional help for protecting your lawn here are a few simple steps you can personally take to start the process of winterizing your lawn.

Simple Steps for Winterizing Your Lawn

  • Trim trees to cut down fallen branches and dead leaves which can hide your lawn from sunlight and cover areas from getting nutrients.
  • Rake fallen leaves to help prevent the buildup of dead leaves which could hide thatch as well as interfere with your lawn’s ability to get water to the soil.
  • Remove debris and outdoor furniture from the lawn. Outdoor activities during the winter months outside of bonfires are on hiatus till the warmer weather comes back around.
  • Give your lawn its last cut of the season. Make sure your cut is about .5 inches taller than the regular cut to ensure protection during cold weather.
  • Aerate and dethatch lawn to ensure adequate flow to your soil for nutrients and water.
  • Overseed to cover bare areas of the lawn.
  • Fertilize your lawn before the cold season arrives. The best fertilization to use is phosphorus and potassium fertilizers that are low in nitrogen.
  • Apply herbicides and hand-pull weeds.
  • Use fungicides to prevent winter lawn diseases such as brown patch and broadleaf weeds.

After taking the steps in prepping for winterizing your lawn the work does not stop.

The prep work is just the start so during the actual winter months here are some tips to follow to ensure a healthy comeback in the spring for your lawn: 

  • Avoid foot traffic on the grass unless it is necessary. Never walk on frozen grass as it can break and cause permanent damage to your lawn.
  • Keep kids and pets away from the lawn as much as possible. This relates to foot traffic from playing and pet urine, which can damage the grass. 
  • Limit the use of heavy equipment on the lawn.
  • Avoid placing decorations on grass in large areas as it will leave impressions on the lawn.
  • If by chance you have heavy snow, do not let it sit. It causes multiple problems from covering your grass from its source of growth, sunlight but also water and oxygen stunting the growth of your lawn.

While most of this will seem like regular maintenance, you must take care of your lawn throughout the winter.

Just because the growing conditions have been paused, does not mean you can slack off by making sure your lawn gets everything it needs. Make sure you do not overwater your lawn as temperatures drop. Frozen moisture can lead to flooded soil once it warms up along with mold and unwanted winter weeds.

Most of this may seem like common sense. But to make sure you are properly caring for your lawn, especially as the wintry weather season approaches. Winterizing your lawn will make for a healthy and beautiful spring debut. Contact the professionals at Sarges Property Management for your landscaping needs.

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