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what is Spring & Fall yard Cleanup?

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The Importance of Yard Maintenance

The upkeep that keeps you diligent on staying ahead of seasonal problems is a crucial part of lawncare and maintenance. Most people do not understand the ins and outs of properly taking care of their lawns. For most, it is a task that is usually left to landscaping companies, but it is important to know about the trivial things that you can do for yourself without the need for professional help. Spring and Autumn clean up refers to the things that help you prep your lawn & flower beds (mulched and pine straw) for the heavy overhaul work that may be needed as the seasons change. While certain maintenance items do not necessarily apply to all depending on location or special conditions, having knowledge trumps being unprepared. Knowing your lawn and landscape is a key step to keep you on schedule.

Spring clean-up is most commonly done after the seasonal change from winter. Most people know after harsh weather it is important to start prepping your lawn for the spring. Having a little knowledge of your yard can help you better prepare for the growing season. Following these steps below can help you look forward to bringing your lawn back to life so it can prosper in the months ahead.

  • Removing Debris– The first step is meticulously cleaning your lawn and ridding it of anything that does not belong such as dead leaves, twigs, and other litter from your lawn and planting areas. Another thing is using a rake to help any thatch that might have built up over the winter.
  • Preparing Planting Beds– Using compost on garden beds, and lawns helps spread resources and nutrients back to the yard. Make sure before doing this you remove any weeds as well as using a tiller to break ground just in case you need room to work with.
  • Planting– Early spring is the best time to plant and seed anything new you might want in your yard. Whether it is flower shrubs or tree saplings, this is the ideal time to start the growing process and plan out your lawns grow season.
  • Weed Control– Again weed removal is key to making sure it does not take root and grow alongside of anything else you have planted. Remove crabgrass in any area you see using herbicides, mulch or even before putting down new landscaping. Weeds take root so it is important to stop them at their weakest right after the winter season. This also goes for eliminating garden pests. We recommend a bi-annual replacement of your mulch or pine straw and an opportunity lay new pre-emergent direct to the soil. This will usually guarantee 6 months of weed free flower beds.
  • Pruning– Trees and shrubs that already exist should not be neglected. Get rid of the refuse from winter by cutting dead tree limbs or unneeded branches. This helps get rid of dead parts of the yard but also helps with keeping the upkeep looking more natural and improving the way your lawn looks.
  • Mulch & Your Garden System- While it is important to use mulch in your garden the last thing you want to do is smother your plants. Scrape away a layer to give your buds room to grow and apply more when needed. Ensuring your root ball of your plants is not buried will help to ensure healthy growth of your plants.
  • Aerate The Yard (if your have a spring grass such as Bermuda, centipede, bahiagrass) – Aeration helps to ensure that nutrients permeate the soil your grass thrives on. This will solve starving roots as well. Aerating your lawn will create small holes that will help give your roots room to grow and when overseeding a place for the seeds to germinate.

Of course as seasons change some things remain the same and maintenance is one of those things. Whereas during the spring you were prepping your yard for growth, during the fall you are prepping your yard to survive as the growth process goes dormant. You need to make sure that you are getting your lawn in shape and providing it nutrients to survive until the cycle rotates back to spring clean-up. A proper fall clean-up entails many of the same small tasks such as removing leaves, making space for new growth in the spring, and taking care to rid your yard of pests and unnecessary elements that would hamper your yard staying healthy. For you to make sure your yard is ready for the chilly weather season there is a reliable list of things to better safeguard the winter.

  • Clear Debris– Rake your yard to clear it of any debris including twigs, dead leaves, or anything that would prevent growth. This will also ensure organic waste will not attract pests such as rodents.
  • Remove Dead Trees & Shrubs– Before you start to take care of your prep work for the coming cold season you will want to know that status of your yard. Search for dying shrubs and check the bark on trees. It is best to remove anything out of the yard that will make room for your yard to grow and revitalize itself.
  • Cut Your Yard– it is important you cut and water your yard until the final cut of the year. It will help keep grass healthy instead of overgrown and dying.
  • Aerate The Yard (if your have a winter grass such as fescue, zoysia or rye) – debris underground and excess water can create that. This builds up and will make it hard for nutrients to permeate the soil your grass thrives on. This will solve starving roots as well. Aerate your lawn to create small holes that will help resoil and free up space for roots to grow.
  • Fertilizer– the cooler weather and short cut grass creates the best setting for growth for your yard. Fertilizer gives your yard the resources to grow, and this contributes by creating a stronger root system.
  • Mulch & Maintenance– laying down mulch will help stop soil erosion from occurring and it will help deter the growth of weeds. It is important to do this through the winter months in preparation for Spring and to keep pest away out of your yard.

Doing most of the items on these checklists and maintaining a healthy maintenance schedule will truly benefit your yard. The aesthetics will be amazing during the spring, and during the fall you can help keep your yard healthy as you prepare for winter. Whether you do it yourself or hire Sarge’s Property Management we are here to provide you the best resources and information to have a beautiful lawn.

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