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Revitalize Your Georgia Yard with Spring Landscaping Ideas

As spring approaches, homeowners in Georgia are eagerly preparing for a transformation in their landscapes. After your dedicated efforts to protect and nurture your lawn during the winter, it’s time to witness its revival. This blog is your gateway to infusing new life into your lawn. It’s not just about maintaining your landscape anymore; it’s about actively planting and designing your lawn to reflect its vibrancy as spring unfolds. This blog will inspire you with innovative ideas to showcase your lawn’s resilience and beauty as the landscaping season begins.

Here We Go Again- Landscaping Edition

As spring arrives, most people have different ideas of what that means. To some, it’s the arrival of allergies and pollen; for others, it’s the emergence of bugs that disappear during the cold weather. For homeowners, spring means the arrival of proper growing conditions. A chance to bring their gardens, saplings, and every other part of their lawn back to life as conditions for growing are at their peak. 

Before diving into spring landscaping, it’s crucial to plan your steps. This primarily benefits those new to landscaping or those who have limited time. Seeking professional help, like the services offered by Sarges Property Management, can ensure your yard is in top shape. They can handle tasks such as removing dead plant life, trimming your lawn and hedges, and clearing debris from the winter season. This preparation paves the way for your creative ideas to come to life in your landscape.

Ideas to Help Liven Your Landscape

Whether adding to your landscape through gardening, planting saplings, or even using mulch to create visual aspects, these ideas will help bring attention back to your lawn after the cold weather months. While some of these ideas might depend on the availability of space and the area you live in, here are some ideas for sprucing up your landscape for the spring season:

Plant Perennials

Perennials are plants that go dormant during the winter but come back to life yearly. These flowers are more resourceful than annuals, which die out during the winter and must be re-planted the following year. Many beautiful perennials, like begonias, hostas, bachelor’s buttons, chrysanthemums, delphiniums, daylilies, irises, black-eyed susans, and many others, can be successfully grown in Georgia.  Using a flower that you know you only have to maintain and will sustain itself to be ready for spring is a time saver.

Consider Building Havens For Wildlife

One thing you can’t always account for when it comes to your landscape is wildlife. Depending on your area, this could go from critters that dig in the yard to birds to even larger wildlife (looking at your deer). Depending on the size of your landscape, you may be able to create free space for animals to roam. Wildlife won’t wreck your lawn if it also naturally melds with the nature around it. Consider things like feeder areas for birds or roaming wildlife. Use mulch to protect garden areas. Placing down mulch can be significantly helpful when growing food or protecting parts of your lawn.

Create Areas of Relaxation

While you might have made your lawn hospitable for outsiders to roam without destroying it, you must consider creating a place of peace for yourself. Your lawn should be inviting for others but also a safe space for you. Creating room for relaxation can be done in many ways. Creating space for you and yours can be as simple as placing a lawn chair under the shade of a big tree,  creating an outside patio area for dining, or even making a walking path through your lawn. There are many ideas for making your landscape a peaceful spot for you to enjoy.

Planting a Tree

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” —Nelson Henderson. It is a simple sentence that holds much weight.  Planting trees adds beauty to your landscaping and leaves a legacy for others to enjoy long after you’re gone. Trees add color and visual interest to your landscaping, but they can also provide privacy, shade, wildlife habitat, and help clean the air.

A Wonder That’s All Yours

Your lawn during the early spring season is still in the preparatory phase. While the ideas above will help you get it back into shape, there are a few suggestions for sprucing up your landscape. Flowers will help, but when choosing the right kind, consider location and the difficulty of growing or germinating. Also, think of the aesthetics visually and how they match your home, as your landscape is part of the package. 

Your lawn being revitalized adds to the openness of your home. Also, if unsure what steps to take, don’t be afraid to leave it to the professionals. A tried and true professional landscaping company can help you bring any idea you have to life for your lawn. Experts are beneficial if having to aerate and help bring parts of your lawn back to life. An inviting lawn that helps insinuate your idea of beauty makes your lawn feel like part of your home. That feeling is unique and is why you should look to revitalize your landscape. 

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